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Bistronomy: Jones, 75011

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Jones, the artist formerly known as Bones is back, and this time the approach to Paris bistronomy is much more casual.

Under the reign of James Henry, Bones became world renowned for its unfussy approach to highly sophisticated food. The five-course – always less than €60 – was a steal for the time, ingredients and attention that went into the menu.

Perhaps this is why Henry decided to take a break, shuttering his signature concept in summer 2015. Following his departure, Bones continued to roll along as a clandestine wine-bar with small plates, as Parisian diners wondered what would happen next.

What happened next was Florent Ciccoli took to the kitchen. Relaunching under the moniker of Jones in January 2016, this beloved space has once again found its feet.

Unafraid to take cues from the past, the suckling pig sandwich is back on the menu, subversively signalling a return to simplicity. The marché-driven menu is varied, comforting and extremely affordable, bringing together France’s most beautiful produce without fuss.

Most shared plates will set you back less than €10, some chunks of meat for two stay below €30, and there is excellent drinking to be had for the very same change. A few familiar staff members are exceedingly helpful, particularly with wine, and service is excellent.

This and many more reasons is why Jones is our new favourite all-rounder. Open every night (in Paris!), a more intimate sit-down dinner can be reserved in the dining room. Or a more debaucherous night can be had snacking and drinking and carrying-on at the bar.

Impress fellow hipsters: originally Florent Ciccoli was due to be behind the stoves at Au Passage, where James Henry had his first independent success in Paris.

Jones, 43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011
T. +33 (0)9 80 75 32 08
W. jonescaferestaurant.com
F. facebook.com/Jones-cafe-restaurant

Metro: Voltaire
Monday – Sunday, 6.00pm Onwards

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